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Whitemarsh Memorial Park


Funeral Guidelines:

The funeral procession begins with the funeral director leading all cars into the main entrance with all cars proceeding to gathering area in front of tower. It is important to respect the immediate family of the deceased by permitting their car and the funeral director’s hearse to be first in line after the cemetery lead car to proceed to the Aramgah site.

All cars wait until cemetery lead car, family and funeral hearse begin moving traffic procession to gravesite. It is important to stay together in single file as other funerals may be occurring at the same time and we want to respect all people and the other funerals that they may be attending.

The funeral procession will proceed in single file and keep to right side while staying on roadway. The procession will go around the circle and face toward the exit as directed by cemetery staff to accommodate the number of funeral attendees. Please do not leave procession line, as it will cause delays and traffic confusion.

After all cars are parked in single file, the funeral director will conduct the service.

After funeral service is completed, all cars may exit the cemetery at a maximum of 15 miles per hour for the safety of visitors and staff.

For your assistance a map of the most frequently used cemetery route is noted below. Occasionally due to other funerals, the route may change:

Service Provided:

Ground breaking, provision of a concrete vault, and other associate services during the burial are provided by Whitemarsh Memorial Park. Additional charges for these services are payable directly to the Whitemarsh authorities.

Preparing the deceased for burial and attendance to regulatory requirements are provided by a funeral home/director and charged separately.

Aramgah's only responsibility is to arrange for the assignment of burial lots.

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Owners & Visitors

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Whitemarsh Memorial Park 1169 Limekiln Pike Ambler, PA 19002

(215) 646-7500

All Rules & Regulations adopted from time to time are designed to preserve the dignity, serenity, and beauty of Whitemarsh Memorial Park. Said Rules are open to public inspection during the office hours shown below.

VISITING HOURS are from sunrise to sunset daily.


Monday thru Saturday - 9:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Sundays & Holidays - 1 1:00 A.M. to 2:00 PM.

No business will be transacted on National Holidays.

CHILDREN under 16 are not permitted in Park unless accompanied by adults. They should not be allowed to run about the grounds or to ride bicycles therein.

DOGS are not permitted except when kept on a leash or in the car.

SPEED LIMIT is 15 miles per hour. Motorcycles or bicycles are not permitted except for specific purposes approved by the Superintendent.

LOUD TALKING, picnicking or lying about on the grass is not in keeping with the dignity of a sacred place and is not permitted.

NO tips or gratuities should be given to the ground s personnel for any reason.

ALL requests for information, assistance or special service should be made at the office. Any complaint filed will receive prompt and courteous attention. The maintenance of individual gravesites and markers comprise a major part of the normal workload of a memorial park. While we invite irregularities being called to our attention, we would like to Point out that the restoration of gravesites is primarily controlled by natural forces. During prolonged dry spells it is impractical to set sod, and during prolonged wet spells to drive on the lawns for backfilling. However, all corrections will be made as soon as conditions permit.

THERE is a varied opinion among our lot-owners as to the type of grave decorations that should be permitted in the Park. The Board of Directors has very thoroughly considered these opinions, and as a result have adopted the following rules:

1. Cut, natural flowers (not artificial) may be placed in bronze vases or temporary vases at any time. It is strongly urged, however, that bronze vases not be used in the winter months, either for flowers or fastening of grave decorations. The Cemetery cannot be responsible for bronze vases damaged by freezing due to water or for markers stained from decorations which have been attached to vases.

2. Placement of potted plants, glass containers, crockery, or any other kind of glass decorations is not permitted.

3. Digging holes in the lawn or removal of sod for any reason is not permitted.

4. Planting of shrubs, flowers, bulbs, or ground cover on graves is not permitted.

5. Metal stakes, wires or other supports which might damage lawn mowing equipment will be removed.

6. Winter decorations - mounds and wreaths are permitted beginning November 15th.Mey will be removed by Cemetery personnel after February 15th. Full length evergreen Christmas blankets will not be permitted due to extreme lawn damage caused by the nesting of mice or other rodents.

7. No funeral flowers will be permitted in the Tower Mausoleum or Tower Custometric Niche area

8. Cut flowers will be permitted in the Mausoleum and Custometric Niche unit only at places designated by the Superintendent, in containers supplied by or approved by the Company. Flowers will be removed when in the judgment of the Superintendent they have become wilted or unsightly.

Receptacles or vases for flowers will not be permitted to be attached to the crypt or niche fronts,

9. Potted plants will not be permitted in the Mausoleum or Custometric Niche unit except as follows: Poinsettia plants at Christmas time (Thanksgiving to January 1st) or lily plants at Easter (Palm Sunday to the Friday following Easter) may be placed in the special areas to he designated and provided for this purpose.

10. Nothing is ever to be attached to any Mausoleum crypt front except lettering and emblems, approved and affixed by the cemetery.

If damage results from the violation of this rule, any necessary repairs will be made, and the cost will be the responsibility of the crypt owner or their survivor.

11. Flags and flag holders may be placed on graves two days before Memorial Day and will be allowed to remain two days after.

12. The Company will in no way be liable for items removed for violations of the above rules.