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Dear Aramgah Member and Space (Grave) Owner:

We have communicated with some of members, which Aramgah has had their correct email address to verify their ownership record, numbers of burial spaces they own and if they have received their Certificate of Interment Right

We received feedback from a few of the members, stating,  they have not received their certificate or have displaced it.  The Certificate of Interment Right. looks like the following image  and is in bluish color,

Please note,  we at Aramgah as well as Whitemarsh have the record and you could simply find and record your Graves number and Location by clicking on the following links on this page. 

As to some members concern about the record keeping of the name of those with different spouses last name .  We suggeste to communicate with Whitemarsh to have a new certificate with both name.  You may fill the new application with both name or simply email us your request with appropriate information and we will assist you to get updated certificate

If you still wants to have a duplicate or updated certificate,  please contact Whitemarsh Memorial Park  1169 Limekiln Pike, Ambler, PA 19002 | 215-646-7500  or email us at and we will facilitate your request.

Please click on our Aramgah email address  and  provide us with your updated mailing address, phone numbers, emails and guide us as to which method is the best way to contact you and if you have any comment as to  "How could we Serve the Community better" .

Members could view the list of lot owners and their respective lot assignments

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