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Aramgah Memorial Garden Foundation (AMG) or “Aramgah” for short, is a nonprofit organization established in April 1986 following a few unfortunate incidents that took a toll on the Iranian community. It is registered in the State of Pennsylvania. It is governed by the Board of Trustees (see below). Aramgah is located within the “White Marsh Memorial Park” at 1169 Limekiln Pike Ambler, PA 19002. According to its agreement with White Marsh, it has secured total of 2000 burial lots for its members. The area is comprised of two sections: Islamic Garden and Persian Garden.

 · Islamic Garden is strictly reserved for Iranians (as Regular Members) and non- Iranians (as Associate Members) both with Moslem faith.

 · Persian Garden is allocated to Iranian Moslems and their non-Moslem relatives (as Regular Members) and non-Moslem Iranians (as Associate Members).

Board of Trustees:

According to Aramgah’s by-laws, Aramgah is governed by a group of nine trustee members, elected for a term of three years by its “Regular Members” at the General Meeting. Aramgah’s daily management is entrusted to three executives, the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer, who are elected for a term of three years by the board of trustees. All of the Trustees of Aramgah and it’s executives are volunteers and receive no compensation for their time and service to Aramgah. Please click here to view the names of the Current Trustee Members & Executives.

Membership categories:

There are two Membership categories:

 · Regular Membership open to all Iranian Moslems ( with their Moslem and non-Moslem immediate families).

 · Associate Membership designed for all non-Moslem Iranians and non-Iranian Moslems.


 · Both categories are subject to a Membership fee and approval of the Board of Trustees.

 · Only regular members have voting rights at Aramgah’s general meeting.

Information on the current lot price and Fees:

One-time Membership fee :                   $100.00

Single lot price:                                     $2,000.00 

Lot Assignment (per assignment):          $70.00

Please click here for the Application Form.

Important notes:

 · The price and fees may change any time without notice.

 · Aramgah’s only responsibility is to arrange for the assignment of burial lots. Other services such as preparing the deceased for burial (traditional shrouding), ground breaking and related services may be provided by funeral homes and White Marsh and charged separately. For the details on these services please see the “Islamic Funeral Services  and/or  Whitemarsh Rules & Regulations

Directions & map:

White Marsh is located at the intersection of Routes 152 and 463 in Ambler, PA19002 Easiest way is to get there is by getting off the Ambler Exit of Penna Turnpike and follow route 611 North. Go north on 611 and turn left to Horsham Rd. or route 463. Go till intersection with route 152

Click here for map and driving direction from your location For the guidelines and regulations on "Funeral Processions and Services" delivered by Whitemarsh please click here.

For Statistics and Map up to:  9/10/2018 click here